• A Multi Channel Manager

  • A Full Back Office

  • Inventory Control

  • Order Management

  • Customer Service

  • Purchasing & Receiving

  • Over 100 Reports

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  • Scalable and Reliable

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Fulfill Orders

Download orders from all your channels automatically at intervals you set

Manage Inventory

Upload listings to a large selection of channels and manage your inventory automatically as items sell and prices change.

Upload Shipping Confirmations

Upload tracking information so customers can see when their orders have shipped.

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Feature Videos

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Order Entry & Import

Enter and edit orders with sophisticated tools that make entry quick and powerful. Imported orders match your channels exactly and can be changed.

Customer Service

Maintain extensive customer data including all orders, contacts and addresses. Mail, fax and email customers based on their personal habits and demographics.

Inventory Management

Sync inventory across all your channels, retail stores and multiple warehouses. Create and receive purchase orders. Make and use bar codes, serial numbers, gift certificates, unlimited variations and more.

So Much More

A full back office with hundreds of features not found in cloud apps or practically any software in its class, plus a full featured multi-channel manager.

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What is Multi Channel Management

Products you sell may exist in multiple online locations: marketplaces, auction websites, feed sites, and your web store(s). Managing all these services manually can be troublesome and time consuming.

Channergy works with your online stores, marketplaces, and auction sites to eliminate micromanagement. Channergy creates new listings on many channels and updates inventory counts and prices across them as items are sold. Orders are downloaded automatically at the intervals you set, ready to fulfill. And after orders are shipped, Channergy uploads tracking numbers and ship dates.

What is a BackOffice
Multi Channel Management is only part of the picture. You also need a way to manage your orders, track inventory, ship packages, manage customers, create purchase orders and the myriad number of other daily tasks it takes to run your business. Channergy includes hundreds of features not found in other systems plus the flexibility to meet your specific needs.


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