Channergy 2016 Revisions


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This will install the demo version of Channergy 2016. Please be sure to backup your data before running. This will not overwrite any previous installs so it is safe to run the demo and keep using your existing, live version.

What’s New in Channergy 2016

Optional HTML Email Tool

Do you sell products that have complementary items? For example, if a customer bought a pair of boots from you might they also need special socks that make them fit better, keep their feet dry etc? Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send emails suggesting those items? You can, with the Channergy email tool.

Big etailers like Amazon, ebay and Jet analyze their customers’ data and present other products they care about. Have you ever visited Amazon and seen they “We think you will also like…” suggestion? Of course you have. Customers expect it and now you can do it proactively with targeted, relevant emails.

Learn more about the HTML Email Tool…

Feature Announcement #1

ChannergyInterfaceThumbNew Interface

UPDATE: The new screens are here! The entire Channergy interface has been updated with a new, cleaner look. But that’s not all. The new look also means more efficient screens with more data on each tab and relevant fields are more accessible. Plus, we have dramatically improved the speed of Channergy (over 400% faster!) so you can get more done, more quickly.

From the sleek main menu screen you have access to your online account where you can manage your profile, purchase add ons, download previous purchases and change your subscriptions. The main page will keep you posted of Channergy updates and new tools available to download as well as news about the direct marketing and multi/omni channel industry. Reports, Help and Settings are all available with a single click without losing your place. And you can customize your experience to suit your tastes.

Click here to See the New ScreenShots and Download the Free Demo…

New Dashboard

Optional Dashboard

Included in the new interface is an optional dashboard. We’ve been hard a work building a manager’s dashboard that runs directly inside of Channergy.

Phase 1 is complete and ready to use. Keep track of daily orders, top selling items and shipments all from a single console that updates automatically.

For a limited time we are offering the Channergy Dashboard at an introductory subscription rate of $29.99 per month. Sign up early to get live data direct to your desktop and receive all the Phase 2 enhancements at no extra cost. You can visit the link below to see screenshots of both phases, learn more and sign up.

Learn more about the Dashboard and Sign Up…

Feature Announcement #2

Pack & Peel Labels

Print invoices with peel off shipping labels. This feature is accessible from batch processing so you can print multiple Pack & Peel Invoices at once.



Feature Announcement #3

Improved Point of Sale (POS)

Lots of great POS improvements like fully customizable buttons, touch screen support, incredibly simple user interface for cashiers, support for debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and gift cards, new reports, end of day, shared/separate inventory and more.

Why buy a separate POS when your Channel Manager has one built in?


Feature Announcement #4

ebay Auction Scheduler

In addition to keeping your listings updated in near real time, Channergy also includes a full listing tool. Create and list “Good Until Canceled” ebay store listings as well as scheduled auctions. Every ebay field is included in the tool and you can create and use templates and update listings en masse.

Scheduled auctions allow you to set the day of the week an auction will begin, how long it will last and when it will repeat. Channergy will remove auctions when quantities reach zero and relist them when you get more stock. And you can make templates for each auction type and apply them to as many products as you like. It’s fast, simple and effective.

Learn more and see screen shots…

Feature Announcement #5


If you are not selling on Newegg you probably should. Their marketplace has much more than electronics (see the full list at the link below) and their commission rate is lower than Amazon and just about any other marketplace.

Channergy now downloads orders, uploads existing and new listings and keeps product quantities and prices in sync, and uploads tracking information for Newegg.

Learn more and sign up for the Newegg channel…

Feature Announcement #6

Channergy is 400% faster

We have dramatically improved the speed of Channergy. You will see  up to 4X the speed! Order entry, reports, scripts, editing and adding products, customers and just about everything is faster in v2016. How did we do it? The database engine has been enhanced and is highly efficient plus we trimmed a lot of fat from the code so everything is faster and reliable.


Revision History

v1617           08/18/2016
    1. Fixes POS items not posting when enter pressed or sent from bar code scanner
    2. Adds a prompt for quantity to the POS screen
    3. Changes POS to lock screen after shift is restored
    4. Changes info window colors on Order screen
    5. Changes process backorders to sort by OrderNo after Priority and OrderDt
    6. Fixes standard order import to always post orders and items table after processing

v1616           08/04/2016
    1. Fixes font on Order screen Tracking Number form
    2. Fixes error when opening Cross Docking screen
    3. Fixes form scaling issues when Windows is set up with large borders

v1615           08/03/2016
    1. Changes forms to use Segoe UI font, native controls, and various other GUI fixes
    2. Adds manifest resource file for compatibility with Windows themes through version 10


v1614           07/27/2016
    1. Adds Seller ID and API Key to Sears channel setup
v1614.1.1602    07/27/2016
    1. Fixes Sears order download to use new authorization scheme
    2. Fixes Shopify order download
    3. Fixes Shopify product upload

v1613           07/15/2016
    1. Fixes Box Scanning Orders lock error when finished packing with invoice printing on
    2. Fixes verbiage when prompting for quantity
    3. Adds Order Shipment Form with the ability to generate shipping labels for previously scanned boxes
    4. Adds “Shipments…” menu item to the Order menu on the Orders screen if IsAllowShipLabelPrintOnOrderScreen set
    5. Fixes Box.FinishedDateTime not being updated when box scanning is finished


v1612           07/13/2016
    1. Fixes frxChartView missing error when opening or editing PO or invoice email PDF reports
    2. Adds ability to send cancel request to Cayan Genius terminal
    3. Changes the POS payment dialog to activate Genius cancel button after transport key request
    4. Fixes Box Scanning possibly not releasing record locks when closed
    5. Adds dimension fields (BoxLength, BoxWidth, BoxHeight) to Box table
    6. Adds dimension input to Box Scanning screen using _BOX_DIMENSIONS_ command.

v1611           07/08/2016

    1. Changes E-Payment credit card interface to use Refund method
    2. Fixes Order invoice or packing list counts might update even if stopped by validation check
    3. Adds manual box weight entry to Box Scanning if no scale method is selected

v1610           07/01/2016
    1. Fixes preference to lock InStock field to include multiple locations
    2. Adds USPS AVS Check to Customer & Order screens
    3. Fixes USPS Process Orders label generation using the wrong provider type
    4. Fixes “no server specified” error when printing USPS shipping labels
    5. Adds VCLFixPack 1.4 for various code fixes
    6. Adds ControlsAtomFix unit to fix atom table entries not being deleted

v1609           06/29/2016
    1. Adds preference to use Cayan Genius on POS payment dialog
    2. Adds standard credit card processing to POS payment dialog

v1608.1.1601    06/23/2016
    1. Added FastMM4 memory manager for better performance
    2. Added IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE flag to allow 4GB of memory address space with 64bit OS
    3. Increased DBISAM engine memory buffers for better performance
    4. Added canceled field to MySQL tracking items upload
    5. Fixed MySQL tracking items upload query to use case insensitive text indexes correctly

v1608           06/21/2016
    1. Changed field lookup method for Orders table on Orders screen
    2. Changed field lookup method for AddItems table on Orders screen
    3. Changed field lookup method for Assembly table on Orders screen
    4. Fixed flag to set IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE (4GB memory space)
    5. Changed Process Orders queries to improve performance
    6. Fixed Order screen creation order to create lookup tables first
    7. Changed Process Orders invoicing query to use OrderDet as driver table, not Orders
    8. Added IsAllowShipLabelPrintOnOrderScreen hidden preference
    9. Added IsAllowPartialShipmentAtBoxScan hidden preference
    10. Added IsAllowBackorderedItemsAtBoxScan hidden preference
    11. Added IsAllowMultipleQuantitiesAtBoxScan hidden preference
    12. Added IsAllowUnpaidOrdersAtBoxScan hidden preference
    13. Added IsBackorderUnshippedItemsAtBoxScan hidden preference
    14. Added ability to cancel packing of the current order on the Box Scanning screen
    15. Added ability to scan backordered items on Box Scanning (IsAllowBackorderedItemsAtBoxScan)
    16. Added force commit for backordered items scanned at Box Scanning
    17. Added prompt for quantity when scanning items on Box Scanning (IsAllowMultipleQuantitiesAtBoxScan)
    18. Added ability to ship unpaid orders at Box Scanning (IsAllowUnpaidOrdersAtBoxScan)
    19. Added ability to ship partial orders on Box Scanning (IsAllowPartialShipmentAtBoxScan)
    20. Added ability to backorder unscanned items on Box Scanning (IsBackorderUnshippedItemsAtBoxScan)
    21. Fixed delete item and delete box on Box Scanning to update scanned item list correctly
    22. Added shortcut _CANCEL_PACKING_ORDER_ to Box Scanning
    23. Added shortcut _PROMPT_QTY_ to Box Scanning
    24. Fixed product column size, and added automatic  item grid column resizing on Box Scanning
    25. Added order lock when scanning on Box Scanning
    26. Fixed focus issue with Box Scanning screen disappearing when opened
    27. Fixed Box Scanning to disable most buttons unless order is being scanned
    28. Fixed Box Scanning to delete all empty boxes and fix  box numbers when finished packing
    29. Changed Box Scanning to position form at main form center
    30. Fixed form size of Payment dialog to eliminate scroll bar, and start with a blank results box

v1607           05/27/2016
    1. Fixed “Product not found” error on order screen when product length is over 20 chars

v1606           05/27/2016
    1. Added ebay auction scheduling feature setup screen
    2. Fixed Paytrace gateway when using xAuthorize
    3. Added Newegg channel setup and product tab with “Coming Soon” status
    4. Added Beanstream, Chase, LinkPoint, and YourPay to E-Payment credit card interface
    5. Fixed box scanning product search to use indexes properly
    6. Fixed box scanning product search to return live result set for better performance
    7. Changed display width of Subproducts lookup from Products screen from 100 to 40
    8. Fixed product field in Orders item grid not allowing more than 20 chars
    9. Fixed POS lockout timer to respond to all keys, and not stop working after the first lockout

v1605           03/24/2016
    1. Added eBay response log to eBay listing form
    2. Added additional field defaults to eBay listing creation
    3. Added category lookup to eBay listing form
    4. Added touch screen confirmation dialog and prompts to POS screen
    5. Added POS confirmation dialog files
    6. Added preference to allow POS terminal payments from the regular order screen
    7. Added POS shift restore to reopen shift if POS is closed while a shift is open
    8. Added POS end of shift tender summary report
    9. Added POS end of day open register check

v1604           02/09/2016
    1. Changed ProductNo length in all tables from 20 to 100 characters
    2. Added CustVehicleNo field to Orders table

v1603 12/18/2015
1. Added Cayan MerchantWARE as a credit card payment option
2. Added Cayan Genius setup to preferences
3. Added Cashback field to Payment table
4. Fixed order to not auto create payment for POS workstations
5. Added logout button to POS menu
6. Added POS touch payment dialog screen (including Genius interface)

v1602 12/11/2016
1. Fixed Customer screen zip code lookup not working correctly when customer record is saved
2. Fixed Supplier screen zip code lookup to use same country rules as Customer and Order screens

v1601 12/09/2015
1. Updated version from 2015 to 2016
2. Added new fields to database update for POSButtonPadButtons table
3. Added preference to set the POS timeout option and timeout period
4. Removed Order prompt asking if invoice printed correctly if set up as a POS station
5. Added ebay channel listing frame and container form to tracking
6. Made minor ebay listing screen changes
7. Added vehicle tables and features (from RPM)
8. Fixed order search screen to open on OrderNo field
9. Added preference to change credit card tab order to card# -> expiration -> security code
10. Added Zip Lookup Country to Data Entry preferences to limit zip lookup to a single country
11. Fixed phone and zip formatting on supplier screen to use same country rules as customer screen
12. Widened phone fields on supplier screen