Channergy 2018 Revisions


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What’s New in Channergy 2018

Optional HTML Email Tool

Do you sell products that have complementary items? For example, if a customer bought a pair of boots from you might they also need special socks that make them fit better, keep their feet dry etc? Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send emails suggesting those items? You can, with the Channergy email tool.

Emails can now be sent in small batches at timed intervals to conform to requirements from various channels (e.g., Amazon)/

Big etailers like Amazon, ebay and Jet analyze their customers’ data and present other products they care about. Have you ever visited Amazon and seen they “We think you will also like…” suggestion? Of course you have. Customers expect it and now you can do it proactively with targeted, relevant emails.

Learn more about the HTML Email Tool… and get help on Setting Up the HMTL Email Tool

Feature Announcement #1

Walmart and Jet

New configurations for Walmart and Jet currently allow you to download orders and upload shipping confirmations. Coming next – full product listing uploads and updating.


This feature will be rolled out in a new build soon. Stay tuned to this page and your emails/texts for the release date.

New Dashboard

Optional Dashboard

Included in the new interface is an optional dashboard. We’ve been hard a work building a manager’s dashboard that runs directly inside of Channergy.

Phase 1 is complete and ready to use. Keep track of daily orders, top selling items and shipments all from a single console that updates automatically.

For a limited time we are offering the Channergy Dashboard at an introductory subscription rate of $29.99 per month. Sign up early to get live data direct to your desktop and receive all the Phase 2 enhancements at no extra cost. You can visit the link below to see screenshots of both phases, learn more and sign up.

Learn more about the Dashboard and Sign Up…

Available Now in v2017

Revision History

Getting script errors on the Channergy main menu? Use the following to fix (Note: We recommend backing up your registry first):

Registry Fix for Java Script Errors (Note: Right click and choose Save Link As, then locate the IE11.reg file and double click it to run)

v1706           03/17/2017
    1. Adds preference to lock In Stock fields on product screen to preferences dialog
    2. Adds enforcement of product count limit on Products screen when adding new product
    3. Fixes DBISAM Access Denied error when using Import Orders on the Process Orders screen
    4. Fixes “Default new orders to On Hold” not working for manually imported orders
    5. Adds Authorize action to payments (hidden feature)
    6. Adds Ability to process authorize/capture payments using xAuthorize/xPayment
    7. Adds credit card capture to box scanning screen
    8. Fixes InStock field not being set to readonly when IsLockInStockField preference is set
v1706.1.1701    03/17/2017
    1. Updates version from 2016 to 2017
    2. Changes Mailware references to Channergy
    3. Adds Mexico to Amazon endpoints
    4. Changes BigCommerce order import to trim payment method before matching
    5. Changes BigCommerce order import to make the payment method match case-insensitive
    6. Adds Discounts table to custom integration product uploads (temp_mailware_discountsupload)
    7. Removes subproducts table from custom integration product uploads
    8. Fixes backordered items being removed from inventory for quotes

v1705           03/10/2017
    1. Lengthens the product number field on the product search screen
    2. Fixes credit card returns showing blank approval code after authorization when using E-Payment
    3. Adds RMA indicators to Order Info tab on Orders Screen, which can be clicked to open RMA
    4. Adds secondary index to Returns table for the OrderNo field (idxOrderNo)

v1704           03/03/2017
    1. Fixes payment approval applied to wrong payment when using E-Payment with Credit Card tables

v1703           03/01/2017
    1. Adds Seller ID and API Key to Sears channel setup
    2. Fixes font on Order screen Tracking Number form
    3. Fixes error when opening Cross Docking screen
    4. Fixes form scaling issues when Windows is set up with large borders
    5. Fixes quantity discounts checkbox not clickable on Product copy dialog box
    6. Fixes Receive Inventory screen to allow admin override when security is not turned on
    7. Changes Supplier screen to hide Product and PO tabs by default, and adds preferences to show them
    8. Adds quote indicator message to Order notes tab
    9. Adds warning icon to Bad Credit Order note
    10. Fixes PO list not populating on Product Supplier screen
    11. Fixes shipping city and state fields reversed on Customer screen
    12. Speeds up PO list query on Supplier screen by using a live request
    13. Fixes standard order import to always post orders and items table after processing
    14. Changes process backorders to sort by OrderNo after Priority and OrderDt
    15. Fixes POS items not posting when enter pressed or sent from bar code scanner
    16. Adds a prompt for quantity to the POS screen
    17. Changes POS to lock screen after shift is restored
    18. Changes info window colors on Order screen
    19. Adds support for Dymo scales and fixes decimal place in scale weight calculation
    20. Fixes buttons being cut off at bottom of Box Scanning screen
    21. Fixes Box Scanning locks up on open when IsPromptNewOrderAfterFinishedPacking preference set
    22. Adds Core Commerce channel setup and tab on Products screen
    23. Fixes AVS result code not showing on Credit Card authorization screen
    24. Removes anchors property from frameBoxShip to prevent resizing when opened in Delphi
    25. Adds Ecwid channel
    26. Adds preference to highlight backordered items in red on the Orders screen
    27. Adds multiple E-Payment settings (up to five)
    28. Adds ability to use Credit Card table to choose E-Payment setting by company
    29. Adds text messaging opt in fields to Orders and Customer tables
    30. Changes Amazon leadtime to ship field to allow up to 21 days (previously 14)
    31. Adds Authorize.NET to the E-Payment credit card gateway options

v1702           08/02/2016
    1. Fixes error when opening POS form
    2. Widens button on POS button pad edit dialog
    3. Fixes item tabs color on POS order screen

v1701           08/02/2016
    1. Changes version from 2016 to 2017
    2. Changes forms to use Segoe UI font, native controls, and various other GUI fixes
    3. Adds manifest resource file for compatibility with Windows themes through version 10
    4. Fixes frxChartView missing error when opening or editing PO or invoice email PDF reports
    5. Adds ability to send cancel request to Cayan Genius terminal
    6. Changes the POS payment dialog to activate Genius cancel button after transport key request
    7. Fixes Box Scanning possibly not releasing record locks when closed
    8. Adds dimension fields (BoxLength, BoxWidth, BoxHeight) to Box table
    9. Adds dimension input to Box Scanning screen using _BOX_DIMENSIONS_ command.
    10. Fixes Box Scanning Orders lock error when finished packing with invoice printing on
    11. Fixes verbiage when prompting for quantity on Box Scanning screen
    12. Adds Order Shipment form and ability to generate shipping labels from Order screen
    13. Adds “Shipments…” menu item to the Order menu on the Orders screen if IsAllowShipLabelPrintOnOrderScreen set
    14. Fixes Box.FinishedDateTime not being updated when box scanning is finished