Channergy 2018 Revisions


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What’s New in Channergy 2018

Support for More Channels



Lots of bug fixes and new features including

  • Updated Script Editor with new commands
  • Changes to many major screens including Receive Inventory and Products
  • Additional triggers to allow for advanced scripting
  • And more. See the Revision History below for all new features

More coming soon. Channergy 2018 is available now and is the most current and stable version available.


Feature Announcement #1

Walmart and Jet

New configurations for Walmart and Jet currently allow you to download orders and upload shipping confirmations. Coming next – full product listing uploads and updating.


This feature will be rolled out in a new build soon. Stay tuned to this page and your emails/texts for the release date.

New Dashboard

Optional Dashboard

Included in the new interface is an optional dashboard. We’ve been hard a work building a manager’s dashboard that runs directly inside of Channergy.

Phase 1 is complete and ready to use. Keep track of daily orders, top selling items and shipments all from a single console that updates automatically.

For a limited time we are offering the Channergy Dashboard at an introductory subscription rate of $29.99 per month. Sign up early to get live data direct to your desktop and receive all the Phase 2 enhancements at no extra cost. You can visit the link below to see screenshots of both phases, learn more and sign up.

Learn more about the Dashboard and Sign Up…

Optional HTML Email Tool

Do you sell products that have complementary items? For example, if a customer bought a pair of boots from you might they also need special socks that make them fit better, keep their feet dry etc? Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send emails suggesting those items? You can, with the Channergy email tool.

Emails can now be sent in small batches at timed intervals to conform to requirements from various channels (e.g., Amazon)/

Big etailers like Amazon, ebay and Jet analyze their customers’ data and present other products they care about. Have you ever visited Amazon and seen they “We think you will also like…” suggestion? Of course you have. Customers expect it and now you can do it proactively with targeted, relevant emails.

Learn more about the HTML Email Tool… and get help on Setting Up the HMTL Email Tool

Available Now in v2018

Revision History

v1808           02/08/2018
    1. Adds prompt to backorder on Order screen if no locations have enough inventory
    2. Fixes Order screen to not allow Sales (POS) to be changed to quotes
    3. Adds ability to click on “Order” box on the Order screen to toggle between order and quote
    4. Adds ability to double-click on an order in Process Orders to open the order
    5. Changes Process Order grids to use single click for checkboxes

v1807           02/02/2018
    1. Fixes order search screen tab order preference not working
    2. Adds Supplier Product # lookup field to the Receive Inventory screen.
    3. Adds preference to automatically set the default location on Receive Inventory screen.
    4. Widens Expected Dt fields on the Products screen
    5. Widens Email.EmailName field to 50 characters (formerly 20)
    6. Fixes clicking on Shipping Confirmation Upload button makes the Product Upload button flash
    7. Fixes Ship State truncated to 2 characters in Process Orders/Import Orders
    8. Fixes error on Order Finished if send email preference is set, but no email selected

v1806           01/30/2018
    1. Adds CurrentOrderNo parameter to script execution after clicking Finished button on Order screen
v1801           01/30/2018
    1. Changes version to 2018
    2. Adds CurrentOrderNo and CurrentWorkstationNo parameters to script execution
    3. Adds variable dialog to specify CurrentOrderNo and CurrentWorkstationNo values
    4. Fixes minor GUI issues for Windows manifest compatibility
    5. Includes minor code improvements
v1801           01/30/2018
    1. Changes version to 2018
    2. Adds CurrentOrderNo and CurrentWorkstationNo parameters to script execution
Note: Registry edit may be required in order for parameters to work.
Change (default) key to:
“C:\…\ChannergyScript.exe” “%1” “%*”

(substituting “…” with correct path to executable)

v1805           01/29/2018
    1. Updates client/server version to DBSRVR_CH_2018_1801
v1805.1.1802    01/29/2018
    1. Adds Houzz module creation and procedures
    2. Fixes order import to update Orders.PayMethod field like manually entry orders
    3. Fixes Woocommerce endpoint URL
    4. Changes TJSONRequest and TXMLRequest to convert response headers to name/value pairs
    5. Changes TJSONRequest and TXMLRequest to add Authorization header instead of using Open method
    6. Fixes Walmart to use memo field for private key
    7. Various fixes to Houzz and Walmart
    8. Fixes JSONRequest component to convert empty strings correctly in JSONPathFieldAs* functions
    9. Fixes Sears product upload

v1804           01/19/2018
    1. Adds triggers to log events for order creation, item status change, tracking, and order finished

v1803           01/12/2018
    1. Adds Walmart and Houzz to product channel tab list
    2. Changes Walmart channel setup to use memo field for key
    3. Changes Receive Inventory so default location field is above PO Number field
    4. Adds phone and account number fields to Shipper screen
    5. Adds CreatedTime and IsSystemGenerated fields to Custserv table
    6. Adds trigger to update Custserv.CreatedTime timestamp field when a new record is added
    7. Adds preference to not show orders on Customers screen