About Us

by admin, March 22, 2010

About Core Technologies

Core Technologies is a mail order company just like you. We were founded in September 1995 with a single goal – to provide truly useful software at fair prices. Channergy was our first available commercial product and it has continued to be a huge success. Thank you for your support.

Software is our business, and we know it is (probably) not yours. We have made a study of good (and bad) software, and we have learned a lot from trial and error. The main principle we have learned is – software is about Goals. This is so important to us that it has become our motto.

Everything we write keeps your goals in mind. When you want to take an order, you can take an order. If you haven’t entered a single product in your inventory you can do so during the order, or put it off until later. The order will be waiting when you are ready to finish it.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write software that gives you this kind of freedom, and still maintains the integrity of your data—but, that is what software should do. This is why we continue to meet our goals and yours and make Channergy what it is today.

We are always happy to hear from you, and really appreciate your input about our products. You can email us or call anytime. If you call and miss us, we really will call you back.

So, enjoy the site and be sure to download our free demo. It answers a lot of questions. If you need us, we will be here.