Cloud vs. RDP

by admin, March 13, 2015

Software as a Service (SaaS) – Cloud vs. RDP

Most of us have heard of cloud apps. But what is RDP?

As defined on techopedia RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol is a Microsoft protocol (that runs on multiple platforms include MACs and Linux) that allows for data transfer, security and encryption between clients and a network server. With RDP a user can run an application over the web as if directly connected on a local area network (LAN). RDP supports:

  1. Mouse and keyboard data encryption
  2. Audio, printer, port and file redirection
  3. Clipboard sharing between the client and server
  4. Multiple monitor support

 In short, you can run RDP from any Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

Both cloud apps and RDP can be hosted by your vendor and sold as a service (SaaS). There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Channergy uses RDP for its hosting solution. We chose this platform for a multitude of reasons.

RDP is Faster

Unlike cloud apps RDP passes only the user interface information over the web (not data) and therefore runs very quickly. This becomes especially important when you accumulate large amounts of data or when running reports and queries against the database. In an RDP environment the work is happening on the remote server. The client runs there as well. If you need more speed you upgrade your server (something you do not have to worry about with Channergy as we manage the servers for you).

RDP is Customizable

Cloud apps work one way. If that suits your needs then all is well. With simple apps (like a check book register or to do list) that is typically just fine. However a complex application like Channergy that manages orders, customers, fulfillment, inventory etc. by its very nature encourages flexibility and customizability. Not everyone fills orders, communicates with vendors or manages inventory the same way. While cloud apps can have options built into the app they do not allow for external customization. Channergy does. 

RDP is Accessible

RDP uses a small file you can install quickly and easily on any Windows or Mac desktop or laptop. Double click the file and you are connected to Channergy from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Connect from the warehouse floor, a trade show, retail stores (POS) or at home with full functionality. You can also install Channergy on your own network and connect with RDP – no hosting from us necessary. You do not need a browser to run RDP which means no overhead on your local machine an no browser compatibility issues.

RDP is Affordable

Pay a low monthly fee for hosting or use your own server and RDP is free.  Savings add up when you are paying lower or no monthly fees.

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