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by [email protected], March 11, 2015

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Purchase Lowest Lifetime Cost

$ 5,000

  • + $3,500 (per additional user)
  • Annual Upgrades are $500 (+$200 per User)
  • Optional Monthly Hosting is $99 (+$75 per User)
  • Multi-Channel Manager is $350 (per channel/yr)
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  • $5000 for the first user – Purchase Channergy and pay just once for the entire program. No monthly payments, no annual maintenance fees.
  • $3500 per additional user – Each additional license is $3500. Licenses are concurrent which means you only need to purchase the number you want to use simultaneously. For example, if you purchase 5 licenses you can put them on 10 machines and any 5 can run at the same time.
  • 20% Annual Discount for Upgrades – Optional upgrades are available each year at a fixed price. And if  you upgrade each year before March 31 you will receive a 20% discount off your upgrade price. See more details on our Upgrade page.
  • Monthly Hosting Option  – You can add monthly hosting to your purchase and access Channergy from anywhere using a PC or Mac desktop or laptop. Hosting with us saves you IT costs and hassles. Or, if you have IT staff or can manage a simple network yourself you can host yourself. You need only a PC or server running Windows and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). For more details about our hosting option see the Hosting for Channergy Owners page.
  • $350 per Channel Subscription – You can subscribe to as many channels as you wish (Amazon, ebay, shopping carts etc.) to download orders, upload products and upload shipping confirmations with Channergy. Your subscription renews each year in January and you can manage your account anytime in our Channergy Marketplace to change payment information, cancel and add channels etc. Your subscription ensures you always have the latest connection to each channel as we maintain them regularly through our partnerships with each.
  • Free Implementation – Your purchase includes professional installation and setup by our technical support team. All our techs are based in Boulder, Colorado and are well versed in Channergy and its application in the real world. We do not outsource support or have level 1 techs.
  • Financing Available – Want the best of both worlds? You can own Channergy for less than the cost of monthly hosting (see our cost calculator) and pay monthly over short or long terms. See our Financing Partners page for recommended, proven services.

How It Works

When you purchase you are assigned one or more technicians who manage the implementation process. They will install Channergy on all your workstations, connect to your database and channels and set up shipping and other 3rd party software connections. During that process another tech will be converting your data into Channergy if you ordered a data conversion. We send you an initial conversion so you can approve it. Then, when you are ready to go live we do a final conversion (usually on a Friday we get your latest data and you go live with it on a Monday). A tech trains your team on the go live date in one or multiple sessions. You can see the full implementation schedule on our Support page. This is listed on your quote as “Implementation Fee” and is included free with your purchase.

If you also purchase optional hosting we install Channergy in the cloud and give you a small RDP file you can save to your desktop (or wherever you like) and double click to run. Channergy will open in its own window ready to go. We also install your shipping software on the remote server and connect to it. Finally we set up and connect to each of your channels.