Upgrade Channergy

by admin, March 22, 2010

ChannergyLogoSmHow Our Upgrades Work

You can upgrade from any previous version of Channergy directly to the current version at any time. Upgrades are released approximately once a year.

The charge to upgrade Channergy is $500 for the first license and $200 per additional license (workstation) per version jump. For example, if you upgrade 2 Channergy licenses from version 2011 to version 2013 you are jumping 2 levels. Your total cost to upgrade is $1400 ($500 x 2)+($200 x 2). This upgrade charge is designed so you are never penalized for skipping an upgrade, or upgrading early.

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% 10

Prices Vary
  • 10% per yr/per license
  • Upgrades Extend Support 1 Year