The Power of Channergy

(at a Price You Can Afford)

A full back office and multi channel manager:

  • Sell on Amazon and other marketplaces and stores. Download orders, keep inventory in sync and upload shipping confirmations.
  • Order Entry and Order Import, inventory management, fulfillment and more.
  • All the features of Channergy at a fraction of the price.

You need a multi channel manager, and an order entry system and inventory control but you are on a budget...

When you're a small business or just getting started every penny counts. You need a real solution so you can compete with the big guys. Channergy SOHO is your solution.

​You've found lots of apps. Some are cheap. Some have a lot of features. None are both, until now.

Real power, fully featured and affordable, Channergy SOHO can make you competitive. Be ahead of the game.

“[when] every penny counts... you need a real solution so you can compete with the big guys.”

Bring all your inventory into a single solution then market your products on Amazon and beyond. But it does not stop there. Channergy SOHO manages your orders, customers and shipping too.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Increase Sales

By getting your products on Amazon and other channels you are expanding your reach. More channels means more sales.

Gain Happy Customers

Because your inventory is always accurate your customers are happy. No more backorders or listings for items you no longer carry.

Save Money and Time

Automation is key. Channergy SOHO automatically updates inventory, downloads orders and notifies customers their orders have shipped.

"After 5 Catalog could not exist without Channergy. Great price, great value."

"I did try others that came with all sorts of promises but once we got into them they were too basic and didn’t give us the level of detail that Channergy provides. Since we have installed it we are able to track everything. It does all the things a growing company needs including growing with you. Additionally we have received fantastic service from them."

- Eric States (Owner/President)

Start Small, Grow Big.

"The problem with cheap solutions is they don't scale."

The problem with cheap solutions is they don't scale. You may have tried some. Quickbooks is great for accounting but even with add ons it does not measure up. Cloud apps are easy, but they have limited features and are not customizable.

You need a solution that will grow with your business. Channergy SOHO has more features than you will ever need, a true SQL database with loads of tools and support for dozens of marketplaces and shopping carts plus third party apps and much more. Nothing is as flexible, scalable or robust as Channergy. You never have to migrate to a new program or tack on a bunch of apps to do what you need to do. It's all in Channergy.

What Channergy SOHO Does for You:

Enter and Import Orders from Multiple Channels

"Orders are all in one place no matter where they originated."

Orders from all your channels are imported automatically. You can edit those orders and key new orders too much more quickly and easily than through your web store.

Manage All Your Channels from One Place

Optionally add as many channels as you need, when you need them. We recommend starting with Amazon then adding ebay, Walmart, Jet, your web store etc.

  • Subscribe to any channels you need.
  • List one product on multiple channels simultaneously.

Serious Inventory Management

Everything revolves around your inventory.

Never oversell again. Channergy updates all your channels with your actual (or adjusted as you wish) counts. And that's just the beginning...

Track your Customers

Your customers are your most important asset. Do you know what they are doing?

Channergy tracks every sale and contact for each customer and uses that data to report and email. That means you can follow up intelligently and proactively with your customers 

And so much More... 

We've only scratched the surface of what Channergy SOHO can do. With over 20 years of real world experience Channergy probably has everything you need and more. That covers you today and tomorrow.

Follow the link in the button below to see all the features, download an overview and watch videos. Or Contact Us. We are always happy to help.

"Channergy – THANKS! We couldn’t have done it without you."

"Using Channergy enabled us to track our customers, their orders, and their sources to determine the best place to put our advertising dollars. As a result, last year we decided to skip publishing our full color 40 page catalog (very expensive for a small company) and to spend more advertising dollars on our Web site."

- Diane Olin (Playthings Past)

What You’ll Get...

The full power of Channergy with optional extras to help you as you grow...

"Save thousands today then add channels or upgrade to the full version when you are ready."

Channergy is $5000. Channergy SOHO starts at $999. So what's the difference?

  • It's the same solution with all the same features and power
  • Channergy SOHO is limited to a number orders per month and total products you select when you buy (Need more? Contact Us for special pricing)
  • Just like Channergy you can subscribe to Amazon for $350 per year. Additional channels are available for a one time fee plus the subscription.
  • Upgrade anytime and get full credit for your SOHO software purchase.
  • Questions?  Contact Us.

Purchase instantly below or Contact Us to get a quote.

"Where do I begin to tell you what a wonderful program Channergy is for small and large business?"

"The cost factor, the excellence in quality and customer care that Channergy has shown to me and my company is first class to say the least. Their constant dedication and expertise to the upgrades is unbeatable."

- Cindy Stoller (President, LS Advertising, Inc.)

How can we make this offer?

You are not here by accident. You found us or we invited you to consider Channergy SOHO because you you are on a budget or just getting started. We made Channergy SOHO just for you,

Because this offer is by invitation or your deep research we can afford to help you get started. We also placed some very fair limits on SOHO in the number of orders per month and total products. And for any channels you add (except Amazon) we charge a one time set up fee. 

That let's you start out at a very low price for enterprise level software and grow as you are ready and capable. It lets us offer you the same without breaking the bank. It's a win-win.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Buy as many licenses as you need for as low as $999 each.
  • Add Amazon today for $350 (prorated for the calendar year)
  • Add more channels anytime $350 per yr plus a one time fee.

All this now starting at:

Save $4000 right now when you purchase Channergy SOHO instead of Channergy and get all the same features and power. Save even more when you buy multiple licenses. Upgrade anytime and get full credit for your SOHO purchase.

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