by admin, January 15, 2010

Channergy includes many features that are useful in multiple areas of the program. Customize your display, use the included scripting and database tools, run tutorials and more.

The Channergy interface includes access to our website for updates and help. You can use the Remote Assistance feature for technical support and find other tips and tricks for using Channergy.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Customize your Channergy display, menus and default web page.
  • Create powerful SQL scripts or use the pre-built scripts with a single click.
  • Download free updates from our website and see what is new.
  • Run tutorials and videos.
  • Download free reports and other tools to extend the power of your Channergy install.
  • Access the inline help file for direct support within the program.
  • Contact technical support or visit our forum.
  • Purchase phone support, training and additional licenses.

Miscellaneous Features - Welcome Page Miscellaneous Features - Main Menu Miscellaneous Features - Help Miscellaneous Features - Database Tools Miscellaneous Features - Script Editor

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