Playthings Past

by [email protected], June 23, 2015

We started using Channergy in 1999 and have been extremely pleased with the software and the support. Channergy helped me convert from my existing software and it was a smooth start-up. If we had any issues, Channergy was always there to provide us with answers and help.

Using Channergy enabled us to track our customers, their orders, and their sources to determine the best place to put our advertising dollars. As a result, last year we decided to skip publishing our full color 40 page catalog (very expensive for a small company) and to spend more advertising dollars on our Web site.

One of the most efficient upgrades that Channergy provided was the ability to download orders from our Web site and import them into Channergy. We activated that feature early last summer (with some help from Channergy). As our Internet business started to expand, we realized that we were processing orders in less than an hour that previously took 3-4 hours to process. That processing included order input, printing sales reports, credit card processing (we do it by batch electronically using a Channergy produced report) and printing and sorting Sales Orders.

After a few weeks of using this download, we realized that we could eliminate a position thereby saving payroll dollars. In times of volatile sales periods, this helped our bottom line. Additionally, we had the security of knowing that the customer’s order and credit card information was entered exactly as they intended without the possibility of our people making data entry errors.

As our business grew during the holiday season, we realized that without this Internet download, we would have had to add additional personnel to handle the orders. This would have involved training and dollars. With Channergy, we were able to process and ship all our orders within 24-48 hours throughout the holiday season.

Channergy – THANKS! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Diane Olin
Playthings Past