Channergy Manager’s Dashboard

New Subscription Item: Want to know what’s going on in your shop? Channergy’s dashboard presents updated statistics every X minutes (we recommend 15 minutes or so, but you can set your preference).

The dashboard is workstation specific so you can have it running only where you need it. Or, you can put it on every desk if you wish. Currently the dashboard displays:

  • Today’s orders by channel
  • Your 5 top selling products
  • The last 5 orders shipped

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You can see a screenshot of the current dashboard below. We will be adding more stats in phase 2 as well as links to reports, exporting of the dashboard to a flat file or Excel and other features requested by the Channergy community. We can make multiple dashboards too. Want one just for product managers and another for customer service? Have something else you want added to the dashboard? Contact us with your ideas.

The dashboard app runs in the background and reads your Channergy database. Updated information appears on your dashboard so you know what’s happening and can respond quickly.



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