Channergy 2019 Revisions


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Update a 2019 install – This will update your Channergy 2019 install to the latest stable build. Be sure to run it on all your workstations.

Install the Demo of 2019 – This will install the demo version of Channergy 2018. Please be sure to backup your data before running. This will not overwrite any previous installs so it is safe to run the demo and keep using your existing, live version. If you have already purchased or upgraded to v2018 you can use this install as well.

What’s New in Channergy 2019

Lots of bug fixes and new features including

  • Support for the new Sales Tax Utility (get it here…)
  • Improvements to various channels including ebay, Walmart and Big Commerce
  • Support for multiple FBA accounts
  • And more. See the Revision History below for all new features
IMPORTANT: Tech support for previous versions of Channergy is for answering questions only. We are not able to add features, fix bugs or troubleshoot previous versions.

Sales Tax Utility

Ready for the new sale tax regs? This optional tool imports sales tax tables for all 50 states, keeps track of the states where you are meeting minimum requirements to start collecting and remitting taxes and exports in the formal required for Avalara which is a service that helps you remit properly.

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More Utilities you can use with Channergy

Assembly Tool
Create & break
down kits.


Bulk Pricing
Change Prices
across SKUs.

HTML Email
Emails & PDFs


Imports Active

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Revision History

Channergy v1902           05/15/2019 (
1. Adds AltOrderNo1 (Channel Order #), AltOrderNo2 (Channel), and OrderMessage1 to process orders
2. Fixes Licensed To information in Preferences for working demos
Channergy v1901           05/14/2019  (
    1. Updates version to 2019
    2. Adds license information to the Preferences dialog
    3. Adds Ship Email to the order search dialog
    4. Adds Ship Email to the order search tab setup in Preferences
    5. Adds LeadTime to Product Suppliers tab on the Products screen
    6. Adds Business Profiles and Store Custom Category to eBay product setup
    7. Changes eBay detail store category and business profile ID fields from integer to float
    8. Adds ChannelListings_2_Lookup_BusinessProfile and ChannelListings_2_Lookup_CustomCategoryID tables to data update
    9. Adds dropdown lookup fields to the eBay full listing setup screen for business profiles
    10. Changes edit fields to dropdown lookup fields for store categories on the eBay full listing setup screen
    11. Adds Product Name and UPC fields to full text search on Products screen
    12. Adds refund capability for credit card captures; Adds AVS information to order and payment screens
    13. Adds CaptureReferenceNo field to Payment table
    14. Adds ability to save reference # for credit card Capture
    15. Adds ability to select credit card Capture reference # in the reference # drop down on payment dialog
    16. Adds AVS code field to payment dialog and order screen
    17. Fixes grid height for Order Search on Orders screen
    18. Works with the new Sales Tax Utility
MCM v1901.1.1901    05/14/2019  (
    1. Updates version to 2019
    2. Fixes tag in Walmart product upload xml
    3. Fixes Walmart tracking upload
    4. Fixes incorrect Walmart inventory upload URL
    5. Fixes BigCommerce product updates for listings with options
    6. Adds FBA multiple accounts, eBay business profile and store category lookup downloads
    7. Fixes Walmart access token retrieval error to show “Error” in log instead of “Info”
    8. Adds currency conversion error checking to Shopify order download