Channergy 2020 Revisions


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Update a 2020 install – This will update your Channergy 2020 install to the latest stable build. Be sure to run it on all your workstations.

Install the Demo of 2020 – This will install the demo version of Channergy 2020. Please be sure to backup your data before running. This will not overwrite any previous installs so it is safe to run the demo and keep using your existing, live version. If you have already purchased or upgraded to v2020 you can use this install as well.

What’s New in Channergy 2020

Lots of bug fixes and new features including

  • PRIORITIZED UPLOADS – An overhaul of the listing system to push low stock and hot selling items first
  • DASHBOARD APP – Free for 2020. See your Channergy Logs live and run all our utilities from a single interface.
  • And more. See the Revision History below for all new features
IMPORTANT: Tech support for previous versions of Channergy is for answering questions only. We are not able to add features, fix bugs or troubleshoot previous versions.

Channel Listing Tool

Most of our customers sell on at least one channel (Amazon, ebay, a webstore etc) and many list on multiple.

​Managing hundreds or even thousands of listings can be a chore. That’s why we created the new Channel Listing Tool. With it you can edit prices, quantities and more quickly and en masse. We have more in store for the tool too like attributes, special fields and more.

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Dashboard App

Want to see your Channergy logs as they update? Are you using some of our utilities? The Dashboard App displays them all in one easy to use interface.

Schedule scripts to run with our Task Manager. Change prices for multiple products with our Bulk Price Update Utility. Send beautiful Emails with our HTML Email Utility – all from the Dashboard.


More Utilities you can use with Channergy

Assembly Tool
Create & break
down kits.


Bulk Pricing
Change Prices
across SKUs.

HTML Email
Emails & PDFs


Sales Tax Utility
Charge and remit Sales Tax

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Revision History

Note: You should use the “Update a 2020 Install” link above for the official install however links are provided for zip files with specific builds. You can also download them by changing the build number in the path (e.g., where XXXX is the build number (e.g., 2001))