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Create Beautiful Emails

Do you sell products that have complementary items? For example, if a customer bought a pair of boots from you might they also need special socks that make them fit better, keep their feet dry etc? Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send emails suggesting those items? You can, with the Channergy email tool.

Big etailers like Amazon, ebay and Jet analyze their customers’ data and present other products they care about. Have you ever visited Amazon and seen they “We think you will also like…” suggestion? Of course you have. Customers expect it and now you can do it proactively with targeted, relevant emails.

Channergy is proud to introduce its HTML Email Tool. Not only can you create spectacularly beautiful emails, but you can target your customers with information relevant to them using your Channergy data.

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20 Steps to Implementation Success

Excerpted from “Who Will Project Manage Your ERP or Order Management System Implementation?” by F. Curtis Barry & Company | Order Management/ERP Systems

Editors Note: We have been avid followers of F. Curtis Barry for many years. Check out our implementation process. And remember, our implementation process is still free through 6/30/17.

International studies show that 50% of all major systems projects are not completed on time and within budget. Often once the projects are delivered they don’t meet the users’ expectations after spending considerable capital and extensive time. After Go Live the users of the new systems often spend six months or longer to absorb and understand how to do their jobs with the new system. Often this means that company productivity suffers.

While there are a variety of reasons for these problems, overall the single biggest contributor is the lack of experienced project management. Owners and managers underestimate the time required. Companies choose to customize and modify systems which add cost, risk, and delays the timeline. Plans are not at a sufficient level of detail to manage tasks and meet completion dates. Successful project management aims to reduce these types of problems, open up communications with stakeholders and deliver better results.

Who should be responsible for project management – your company, the vendor, your IT department?

Read on to find out…

Ransomware – 3 Ways to Protect Yourself

You’ve seen the news about Ransomware attacks. The latest battle is won but the war is not over. And Magento users be aware there is an attack that targets your store.

1. Upgrade to Windows 10 and Turn On Windows Update

If you are running an older version of Windows upgrade right now. Then be sure Windows Update is turned on (it is by default). The easiest way to do that is to click on the Cortana icon (the circle next to the Windows start icon) and type “Windows Update”. Click the Advanced Settings link and in the settings that open make sure updates are not deferred (set to 0) and Pause is Off.

See the other two…

Sync Inventory Across All Your Channels

The number one pain point we hear from our customers every day is, “How do I keep my inventory in sync?” It’s a big job, but Channergy does it very, very well.

Let’s say you have 10 items in stock. You sell one on Amazon and two on ebay. Now you have 7 but Amazon says 9 (10-1=9) and ebay says 8 (10-2=8). Channergy solves this by being the central repository for all your inventory. It knows the actual inventory count and pushes that to each channel in “near real time”. So in this case Channergy would push 7 up to each channel.

That of course is the most simplistic example of syncing inventory. In the real world though it is much more complex. Following are 4 challenges our customers face every day and how Channergy handles them.

Find out how…

Channergy 2017

Channergy 2017 is available now. Visit our What’s New page to check out the new features and download the latest updates.

Update: Build 1706 is available. See what’s new in the revision history.

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failedYour Channel Software is Broken

What happens when you try to sell everything, everywhere? Most channel management software is good at a few things – listing on Amazon and ebay, repricing, shipping…

But what happens when your channel manager does not support multiple stores on a channel, or sync inventory with your retail store or multiple warehouses? Mistakes happen. And mistakes are costly.

Then there are systems that try to do everything (commonly called ERP’s or Enterprise Resource Planning software). For a very select few these are a good choice. But for most of us they are a bad idea. Why? Because nothing does everything right. Why should your channel manager do payroll? There are apps for that.

Cloud apps abound and they are very cool. But cloud apps are still best at simple applications. Even the most powerful have limited functionality and are not customizable.

So whatever you are using is inherently broken. What do you do?

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 Previous Topics

ODBC150ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity. ODBC is a standard that allows applications to read from almost all of the database types that are available today. That means that an application that allows an ODBC connection can read a variety of database formats such as Microsoft Access, Paradox, DBISAM, dBase, and FoxPro; spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel; and even connect to external database servers, like SQL Server or MySQL.

Now that you have a better understanding of what ODBC is, let’s see what you can you do with it.

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You can drop ship, ship items yourself, “Fulfill by Amazon” (FBA) and/or use third party fulfillment (3PL) plus manage all your listings and keep inventory in sync. The key is to manage your inventory counts in a single database that also controls your listings, warehouse stock, retail stock and supplier counts.

The Challenge

Accurate inventory counts are the holy grail for merchants. The task is complicated when you have your own inventory in multiple locations and you drop ship product from vendors who may or may not provide their own counts. Toss FBA into the mix and maybe a 3PL and inventory is practically guaranteed to be a mess.

The Solution

You absolutely, positively must have all your inventory managed from a single database. So how do you do that?

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