What is Channergy?

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Channergy is a multi channel manager that began as a backoffice order manager for direct marketers in 1995. The backoffice has grown and kept pace with the times.

In 2009 Channergy (then known as Mailware – yes, we know…) added its multi channel manager (MCM). That brought the ability to download orders, upload products and upload shipping confirmations to marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, Sears, Rakuten), auction sites (e.g., ebay) and dozens of web carts (e.g., Mageno, Volusion, Big Commerce).

Channergy is unique in the multi channel world. Its robust backoffice is built on 2 decades of input from real world customers in a scalable, flexible and robust system that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Channergy can run on your local network or in the cloud or both. Work from anywhere, support multiple warehouses and retails stores and switch between local and cloud so you are never down, even if the Internet is.

Channergy has an open SQL database, includes a full report writer, SQL script editor and database utility so you can extend its capabilities yourself. There are no limits.