Data Conversion

by admin, March 23, 2010
We want you to upgrade to Channergy, and if importing is hindering your decision we can help.

We can import your data from many other programs including: Mail Order Manager (MOM), QuickBooks, Mail Order Wizard, OrderPro and any program that can export in an ASCII Delimited (also known as csv or text) or Excel spreadsheet format.

We bill you at $50 per hour. The time required to import your data depends on the number of records, the number of years of history, the types of data (customers, inventory etc.) and the format of fields. Data conversion is custom work and is therefore non-refundable. We will provide our best estimate of the time to complete your conversion and total cost, and obtain your approval before billable work begins. If complications arise during the process we will contact you before continuing the conversion.

Your data is, of course, handled confidentially and any materials you send (Zip Disks, programs, manuals etc.) are returned with your purchase. So we may read your data, please provide it in Paradox (.db), dBase (.dbf), ASCII (delimited or fixed) or Excel spreadsheet format. Most programs will export in these formats. We will be happy to review a sample of your data first to ensure we can read it.

If you would like your data converted please contact us via email at the address below. We will respond with details so work can begin as quickly as possible.

To request conversion of your data for use with Channergy please contact us.