Sample Database Install

by admin, March 23, 2010

Use this setup file to install a blank Sample Database for use with the tutorials and for reviewing Channergy.

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File Name: CellPhonesDemoSampleData.mmm CELLPHONES4U

Size:  3.5 meg


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File Name: LordsFlowerDemoSampleData.mmm

Size: 3.5 meg


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File Name: mwsampdata.exe (LEGACY: V1 & 2)
Size: 1.2 meg



Instructions for .mmm files

Download the install by clicking in the Download Now link above. When prompted, select Save. After downloading open Channergy and make sure your are pointed to the sample database you want to update (File>;Change Database from the text menu).


Click Tools>;Restore Database from the text menu then use the … button on the dialog that opens and locate the file and double click it. Follow the promts to update the database.