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Incredibly Flexible

Build your own interface.

Run locally or in the cloud.

Easy to use & touch screen friendly

Automatically sync inventory with
your warehouses, stores and online.


Easy order entry with support for:

  • ​Barcodes
  • Drawers, Posts and credit card swipers
  • Easy, customizable button interface
  • Product Lookup, Ship to Store and Ship to Customer

Edit Orders and Items

  • Change prices, quantities and discounts
  • Print and Email Receipts
  • Create layaways, backorders and returns

Payment Options

  • Take Cash, Checks, Credit and Debit Cards, Apple and Android Pay
  • Channergy works with over 100 different credit card providers too
  • Pop drawers, calculate change, enter multiple payment methods

Helpful Tools

  • Built in Calculator
  • Call any program you like (notepad, Windows Calculator, Webpages etc.)
  • Manager Override for user definable functions like discounts, gift certificates, error correction etc.

One System &
You're Done.


JT Lilliput Motor Company

"The team at Channergy was able to import all of our data and walk us through the setup rather quickly. We lost no data, and the new interface was wonderful."

Amber Merriman Market Analyst

"It is this type of customer service that sets Channergy above the rest."

John Dogs Unlimited

"The editor is great!!! I wish that I would have had it a long time ago. Thumbs up on another great product."