Tom’s Bronco Parts

by [email protected], June 23, 2015

Provino WinesWe have been using Channergy for the past 8 years now and it has become the staple of our daily operations. With all the customization that is available in Channergy, it is capable of handling just about anything we throw at it.  Channergy has provided us with a single program that is capable of handling nearly all of our day to day activities.

More than the excellent customizability of Channergy, the greatest feature we have found is that it is extremely easy to use.  When training new employees, the amount of training time required for them to learn Channergy is minimal which allows us more time for industry specific training.

We recently upgraded to RPM 2010 which provides the same great capabilities of Channergy with some added features specifically for the automotive industry in which we work. We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities even more through this powerful new program.

Tom’s Bronco Parts